Hi, I'm Nikki Berzin, founder of Girls Just Want To Have Fun. I am also the owner and founder of Cherry Lending & Finance, a successful mortgage brokerage firm based on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. 

Although I have been a busy 'career woman' growing my brand over the last five years, I have never been one to shy away from letting my hair down. Finding the time to have fun is so important for our wellbeing, our mindset, and our motivation. But all to often we put this last on our to do list - or we don't do it at all! 

What if having fun was built into your monthly work schedule, or even set as KPI for success?  




I have attended a women-in-business event or two in my time 😉, with the promise of building my network, growing my brand and sometimes even having fun. However, on many occasions I have left these events wanting more. 

This inspired me to create the Girls Just Want To Have Fun brand. I want to inspire, educate, empower and encourage professional women and female founders to let their hair down more often. 

I am not sure where this journey may take us, or who we may meet along the way, but what I can say is that if you truly desire to have more fun, while embracing yourself and connecting with other amazing women to create memorable experiences than please join me for the ride!